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4EG Bars/Restaurants as Stranger Things Characters

This season’s about to get stranger. The third season of Stranger Things  was released on July 4th. The Netflix original series contains eight episodes. In honor of the season premiere, we’ve created a list of 4EG bars and restaurants as Stranger Things characters.

Eleven – Keystone Bar & Grill

A tribute to Eleven and her undying love for Eggos, Keystone Bar & Grill would best suit the psychic teenager’s personality. In fact, we think she would love Keystone brunch just as much as she loves Eggos! Friends don’t lie. Keystone’s signature chicken & waffle dish is crafted with 2 hand-breaded chicken tenders on top of a fresh waffle, drizzled with zesty syrup and fresh berries.


Max Mayfield – Rosedale OTR

Max was introduced in season two of the Netflix series. Her love of arcade games, coupled with her fierce personality, earns her the honor of being represented by Rosedale OTR. Not only is Rosedale led by a fearless female operations manager, but the bar also houses arcade games and outdoor games we think Mad Max would love.

Steve Harrington – The Stretch

The quintessential popular kid in the Netflix original series, Steve Harrington embodies The Stretch to a T. Located at The Banks, The Stretch is not only a popular downtown destination, but the bar’s General Manager has hair that is second to none, not even Steve.

Will Byers – Mount Adams Pavilion

The entire show revolves around Will Byers, who is captured in 1983 by a demogorgon from the “Upside Down,” an alternate dimension discovered by Hawkins Laboratory scientists. As seen in season two, Will is extremely creative, having a passion for art and writing stories. When you’re writing your own weekend story, Mount Adams Pavilion is where your night should start and end. Enjoy live music on one of four party decks, as well as local and national DJs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.