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4EG Volunteers with The Giving Fields

A little dirt and a lot of love can go a long way! As part of 4EG’s ongoing initiative to give back to the community, 23 employees armed with ponchos and gardening gloves headed to Melbourne, KY, to volunteer with The Giving Fields on May 17th.

The Giving Fields is a 10-acre community farm that supplies fresh produce to over a dozen Northern Kentucky food pantries, soup kitchens, and other agencies that provide emergency food. The Giving Fields are responsible for growing produce (apples, strawberries, tomatoes, and more) for 117,000 meals each season

Volunteers spent four hours in the fields and were able to plant tomatoes and peppers that will be harvested in approximately four months. We’ll be taking our green thumbs back to the fields in the fall to reap what he have sown!

In addition to our involvement with The Giving Fields, we actively volunteer with the Freestore Foodbank to assemble power packs to help feed hungry children in local schools. Power Packs are bags of nutritious food sent home with students each Friday to ensure they have something to eat on the weekends. Each power pack contains nearly a dozen food items.On November 2nd, we’ll gather the troops to assemble more Power Packs at the Freestore Foodbank warehouse.

Keystone Bar & Grill also supports the Freestore Foodbank  annually by donating a portion of mac and cheese sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Keystone is proud to have donated more than $19,000 since the beginning of this partnership.

To learn more about this cause, visit:


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