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Guest Spotlight: Ashley and Mike

“This was our restaurant.” This love story starts in the dead of winter, on a cold, snowy Monday, when a friend of Ashley recommended 1/2 price Keystone mac and cheese to warm up. On one of many double dates with friends, Ashley and Mike made the trip from Florence to Covington and soon fell in… Read more »

Your Go-To 4EG Guide to the Holiday Season

The holidays are bearing down and the stockings of your loved ones hang limp and unstuffed. Fear not! Like the shining nose of Rudolph, 4EG is here to save Christmas. This year we want you to give a gift that matters. Give the gift of Cincinnati. Bars have always played a special role in communities…. Read more »

The Art of the Perfect Pour: Part 2

Welcome back! To recap, last week we gave a rundown on the classic Boston shaker and the proper stir. If you missed it, or need a refresher, click here. Okay, ready? With your drink freshly mixed, it’s time to garnish and finish right. Be patient, this crucial step will elevate your cocktail to the next… Read more »

The Art of the Perfect Pour: Part 1

With over two centuries of development and tradition, a proper cocktail deserves a respectful pour and finish. Made right, a cocktail is a satisfying experience from the first shake or stir to the last sip and sigh. Here are a few tips on mixing and finishing to help you find that perfect pour. When to… Read more »

21 to Enter: Fuseamania

“21 to Enter: Fuseamania” is the first in a series of posts highlighting the people of 4EG. Whether behind the bar, behind the DJ booth, or behind the desk, each person is responsible for enhancing the guest experience. First up…Fuseamania, 4EG’s resident DJ. Catch Fuseamania at Mt. Adams Pavilion this Wednesday for “Fowl Play,” our annual… Read more »

Keystone Frozen Mac: Thomas Jefferson’s Greatest Legacy?

Editor’s Note: To improve your reading experience, heat up a plate of Keystone Frozen Mac and taste the modern rendition of a dish which crossed the Atlantic at the command of a founding father. On November 3rd, Keystone Bar & Grill proudly announced the launch of Keystone Frozen Mac and Cheese. Spurred by years of… Read more »

Power Packed Teamwork: 4EG Staff Volunteers at Freestore Foodbank

Since 2010, 4EG has partnered with Freestore Foodbank to help fight childhood hunger. Inspired by a cause that has become integral to our core values and mission, 4EG members volunteered their afternoon to assemble a record number of 900 food boxes in under two hours, which will be distributed to families in the Tri-state area… Read more »

4EG Raises $3,651 for Louisiana Flood Relief

After only nine days of fundraising in September, 4EG was proud to match the donations of our guests and patrons in an effort to raise money for victims of the flooding in Louisiana. Together, we raised a variety of supplies and $3,651 to be donated through Matthew 25: Ministries to residents throughout the southern Louisiana… Read more »